The Beginning of a Movement...EMBRACE KINDNESS

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Hi Everyone!

As always, thanks for continuing to support my real estate business by following all of my real estate happenings, and now that I've launched my blog - I especially appreciate all of my subscribers! 

With all of the negativity that has been going on in the mass media lately, my wife and two good friends of ours decided that it was time for us to do we did!  We started the #EMBRACEKINDNESS Movement and we hope that the idea catches like wildfire!

The idea behind the Embrace Kindness Movement is to spread the simple message for all to EMBRACE KINDNESS through social interactions...that's it.  Eventually as we grow and can begin pulling in donations, we'd like to provide financial support to anti-bullying initiatives to help eradicate fears/judgments at young ages.  Regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, political view or any other socially constructed classification, we are all sharing this planet together as humans. By embracing the simple notion of being kind to our fellow human, we can each create a positive ripple in a global effort to help put an end to violence, hate and fear.

Our goal is to have as many people as possible join the Embrace Kindness Movement and it all starts with you! Help us out by doing one of the following then filling out the "I Want to Join the EKMovement" info form on our website, so that we can send you an EMBRACE KINDNESS wristband – it’s that easy!  Where your EKMovement wristband proudly, be kind to someone you know of don't know, then share your stories with us!

1. Like Us on Facebook / Follow Us on Instagram or Twitter 

2. Share on your social media pages and challenge your friends to join the movement with you

3. Post your random act of kindness to any one of our social media pages and keep the good stories rollin’

If you have an idea to spread the word, let us know. Today, you can join the movement by sharing the website and social media sites with your friends and family to encourage as many people as you know to EMBRACE KINDNESS. Don’t forget to give us your contact information on the site so you can receive your EMBRACE KINDNESS wristband…and go ahead…request another as a giveaway to keep the EKMovement in motion!

If you’re interested in becoming a Kindness Advocate, let us know below or send us an email at and we’ll give you all the info you need! Most importantly, EMBRACE KINDNESS.

Thanks again!